Husse met Lang Messe (2008)  


Wit geraas vir Donker Dae (2013)


Brekfis in Orania (2017)

Our latest album Brekfis in Orania is available for digital purchase at the following digital music stores:

googleplay  spotify

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You can also stream it from our soundcloud site here:



Our second album Wit geraas vir donker dae is available as a free download for a limited time. You can get it here


While it will soon be available as a digital download, we still have a limited number of CDs left of our first album Husse met lang messe. Please contact us for a copy.


Should you be interested in any of our albums in a physical format (be it CD, Cassette* or Vinyl) let us know and we will supply it these format if there is a big enough demand.

* We are joking about the Cassette. Dorothy, we are not in the 80's anymore.