Thys Nywerheid was created in 2004 as a sonic laboratory by Gauteng-based guitarist Dawid Kahts. The earliest recordings made extensive use of vocal samples which were juxtaposed against electronic beats and hard rock guitar riffs. The track "Skade" which features an audio sample of a disgruntled dairy farmer best exemplifies this approach. Kahts soon met up with James Sharpe (AKA Draaitafel Jafel), an accomplished turntablist, and they decided perform the music live. The band's debut album Husse met lang messe was released in 2008 by One-F Records and was met with critical acclaim. The album also featured a tribute to Bernoldus Niemand (AKA James Phillips), one of their great influences, with a cover version of the seminal song: Snorcity.

In 2013 the second offering Wit geraas vir donker dae was released as a free downloadable album on the band's website. This album showcased a different, evolved sound with a stronger rock edge.

After an extended break where the musicians pursued other projects the band returned in 2017 with its latest album Brekfis in Orania. A review of the album can be read here

The live band currently comprises of Dawid Kahts (Vocals, Guitars), Draaitafel Jafel (Turntables, DJ, VJ, Vocals) and Woody Swart (Bass Guitar).